7.ROOMS Trousseau collection

From 7.ROOMS we try to go for a much more controlled manufacturing model, because in this way we contribute to minimize the overproduction of the fashion industry.

Many of our collaborators are artisans who work with their hands, so we try to respect their times and slower processes, to do things as they have been done for generations.

To start the seasons we make limited editions and unique garments, when they are sold out, if you tell us which garment you want and order it by Pre-order we will start making it.

In about 20 days you will have it in your home, made especially for you. The result:

- We produce more of what you want and less of what you don't. We don't overproduce, only the quantity on demand.

- We manufacture in local workshops to reduce our carbon footprint and to be able to closely monitor your garments.

- By not having surplus, we leave behind the cycle of sales, thus becoming part of a community that believes that another way of doing things is possible, thus creating much more careful and special garments where every detail made with LOVE, counts.