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Tradition, craftsmanship, sustainability and respect

We work in the complex simplicity of our garments.

We dress the natural essence of people, your spirit and not your body.

We dress your values, your priorities, your unique lifestyle.

In an unwritten language full of symbolism, where past traditions will be the future references.

Because the real things, made by hand, with passion, love and the knowledge of generations, deserve their time.

Our rooms


We are treasure seekers who want to be found.


Betting on the planet

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We vindicate the know-how of artisans

We travel the world in search of artisans with whom we can collaborate, listening to their history and highlighting their ART.





"Each 7.ROOMS garment hides a treasure: a wonderful fabric full of history; unique buttons from more than 50 years ago, rescued as if by magic; the exceptional savoir-faire of the last artisans in Spain; and of course, in filigree, respect for the planet."

Guillemette Sanz - Founding Partner of Nota Bene Comunicación

"To buy a garment from 7.ROOMS and know that it will last forever. To choose the wonderful Milicia jacket, and to be aware not only of its delicacy, but of its involvement with sustainability, craftsmanship and tradition. All this in a unique piece that I can't stop admiring every time I open my wardrobe. Thank you. I will repeat, of course."

Inma Flor - Visual artist and head of communication at the Polish Institute of Culture.

"It looks like you made it to measure for me, I've never had this happen before! It's ideal, I've never had anything so good in my life".

Esperanza García Claver - Contemporary Culture Manager and Exhibition Curator.

"ROOMS caught me from the first moment; I saw in it authenticity and wonderful details that show that an invisible thread intertwines all fashions.

When I held the garments in my hands for the first time, I felt the character of the brand in its fabrics and materials; when I put them on I felt like a time traveler, beautiful and powerful".

Cristina Santos. Brussels - Parliamentary Advisor. European Parliament.

"I have followed the day to day life of this sustainable fashion brand since its creation and I have observed how they have defined their value proposition.

They convey the care with which they work the collection, the affection and active listening. I am a fan of the brand, they have conquered my heart and I can only wish them much success, may they continue to do so well because they are very clear about their purpose as a brand. Congratulations to the whole team!"

Teresa García - Fashion consultant.
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