We would like to introduce you to our artisans and collaborators without whom 7.ROOMS would not be possible.
Their wisdom and respect for the traditional essence make us believe more and more in this project every day.

Juan Ávila, is our oldest craftsman and we have a very special affection for him.

He is 85 years old and lives in a village in Almería. His wrinkles and his hands tell us stories of overcoming. He is an expert in the work of esparto grass, to which he has dedicated himself as a hobby all his life and which his grandfather passed on to him. He himself is in charge of collecting the raw material with which he makes the handles of our bags.

Nathalie Leturcq, our craftswoman of Belgian origin located on the island of Tenerife. She is passionate about plants and flowers since her childhood. 8 years ago she decided to make her passion her profession and specialized in researching flowers and organic waste from agriculture.

She is specialized in hand dyeing our organic cotton fabrics and in making each garment of our collections with unique and unrepeatable colours and prints.

Cristina Lagardera is our espadrille artisan and is based in one of the cradles of this traditional footwear, Valencia.

She specializes in weaving our espadrilles by hand, which she makes exclusively for each client.

Candela Alonso, artisan of basket weaving and hats where the know-how has grown in her family for generations.

Her love for this craft was passed down to her from her great-grandmother and her own personal growth led her to learn how to make the palm and rye empleita (which she herself grows and prepares on the slopes of Mount Teide) to make the hats of traditional Canarian clothing.

She is one of the few artisans left making this type of hats, which we at 7.ROOMS are trying to promote and which we make in a personalized way for each of our clients.