Colección Trousseau 7.ROOMS


Collection inspired by the embroidery of antique trousseaus and lingerie from the beginning of the 20thcentury.

We put in value the work of women who, following the tradition of the time, embroidered their own trousseaus since they were little girls. Embroidery that was done by hand with different techniques on sheets, tablecloths or handkerchiefs.

Tradition that from 7.ROOMS we recover in unique garments of super limited editions that take us to other places, updating the cultural essence and the know-how of each of these women.

We use the colours of the sunsets, hand dyed cottons with organic dyes, old lace ribbons and buttons from forgotten stocks.

Each embroidery, ribbon or button is the result of a personal search that makes each garment a treasure that deserves to be kept forever.